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In a highly demanding world for products and services Dillan Bros operates as a reference point, connecting and introducing valuable Buyers to respectable and proven Suppliers. Dillan Bros is a clear walkway in the stormy world of Agricultural products, Hard commodities, and Financial services, which facilitate a deal between those who seek and those who provide, through fast, easy, and well-tested processes.

Dillan Bros facilitates commercial transactions between Buyers and Suppliers providing a professional and qualified support, or assists and leads Clients towards the Service provider suitable and functional for that need.   And it's FREE!   NO deal = NO costs = NO money for us.

Thanks to our vast network of connections and well-established relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, trading companies, wholesalers, professionals, private and public companies, international banks and financial institutions, we can cover a wide range of requirements and provide bespoke solutions to our valuable Clients. Needless to say, each solution is tailor-made as per our Client’s requirements and needs.

How Do We Operate?

Dillan Bros represents an avant-garde model of sourcing company which satisfies and rewards both sides of the “coin”.
We are NOT brokers, traders or intermediaries:

  • we help creditable Buyers by streamlining the procurement process, ensuring deal with vetted and credited suppliers, negotiating the best deal and starting the basic order process
  • we help existing Suppliers by lowering costs and struggles for sourcing new clients, assisting in the approach to more advanced markets, propagating their products through our network of relations and connections

Dillan Bros constantly searches and vets new Suppliers and, at the same time, leverages existing supplier and service provider relationships from preceding commitments, to source new Buyers. Our utmost priorities are:

  • - to engage new Buyers and get more requirements to be evaluated and accomplished
  • - to boost and increment the turnover of manufacturers and service providers we are dealing with

At Dillan Bros we are happy if everybody is happy since we get our reward only when a deal or service provision is done.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some decisive reasons behind choosing us:

  • We don't charge Buyers and we get our fees from Suppliers if they close a deal
  • We don't charge costs or fees if a deal is not finalised
  • We don't ask for money but we crave for Buyer's requirements
  • We are always ready to assist and support our Suppliers
  • We listen assiduously to our Client’s needs and requirements carefully
  • We act fast to ensure that optimum results are delivered
  • We provide the best tailor-made solution for both parties
  • We guarantee our Client’s privacy and confidentiality
  • We work ethically and by the rule
  • We always try to thrive for excellence.

We believe in long-term relationships based on trust, efficiency, transparency and business reputation with all our Buyers, Suppliers and service Providers. If you have any queries regarding our services, kindly call or contact us by email and we’ll reach to you within 24 hours.


Our experience spreads in different domains and our knowledge, in sourcing and business processes, allows us to cover a wide range of requirements and demands. Our valued Buyers and most long-lasting Suppliers and Service providers are allocated in the following areas:

Agricultural Products London UK

Agricultural Products

Other Commodities

Hard Commodities

Financial Services

Financial Services

About Us


Dillan Bros is new company entering the challenging and complex world of products and services sourcing and trading that gets its strength from the earnestness and professionalism of the people leading the company and from the tremendous experience and knowledge of the staff associated to our company.

Our Vision

Dillan Bros wants to empower its esteemed clients by providing them access to decades of experience and knowledge in relationships and connections that have been secured globally.

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Although we can source almost any Agricultural Product and Hard commodity, and we can approach a vast network of professionals and financial experts, we have a significant competence with the items catalogued in our FPL, which are provided by our most efficient Suppliers and Financial service providers (some examples below).   Find Out More

Thai Jasmine Rice

Thai Jasmine Rice is originated in Thailand and is blessed with a natural fragrance and aroma.

Brazilian White Sugar

Compared to most other producers of Icumsa 45 the reliability of consistent quality is superior from Brazil.


Copper is one of a few metallic elements with a natural color other than gray or silver.


Portland cement is a complex product obtained from unprocessed common natural materials as limestone and clay.

Corporate Services

Total support and assistance for worldwide companies and enterprises based on specialized knowledge.

Trust Services

A variety of services in the mode of becoming a fiduciary or trustee, for private or corporate clients.

Dillan Bros Services

Our Services

In the light of countless requirements processed over the years, we ascertained that some clients feel more comfortable negotiating directly with the supplier/provider while some prefer for us to deal with the counterpart engaging with the other party only for the closing of the deal and signing of the contract. We are extremely flexible and operate both ways according to the client’s preference.

On clients’ requirements for materials, products, and commodities, we not only research, evaluate and negotiate with suppliers to get the best deal, but we also assist our clients on legal advises, in drawing up contracts, with import-export procedures and documentation, Request For Tender, and in some other activities leading to business growth and business improvement.

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