Dillan Bros is new company entering the challenging and complex world of products and services sourcing and trading that gets its strength from the earnestness and professionalism of the people leading the company and from the tremendous experience and knowledge of the staff associated to our company.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is client’s satisfaction as we strongly believe that well-established and long-lasting relationships are more convenient and profitable than a constant quest for new clients or products suppliers and financial service providers.

About US
About US

The obsessive care and dedication for our clients’ needs, alongside with the on-going dialogue with all our counterparts, make Dillan Bros an exclusive opportunity, in a world where, in the name of business and money, we have lost some important moral standards.

Our Vision

Dillan Bros wants to empower its esteemed clients by providing them access to decades of experience and knowledge in relationships and connections that have been secured globally.

Our Mantra

Our slogan depicts our core values and operations in an impeccable manner: We Satisfy Your Requirements – Everything, Every Time, Everywhere.

Our Expertise

Decades-long public relations with farmers, producers, suppliers, traders, importers, exporters, wholesalers, private bankers, lenders, hedge funds, financial traders, trust companies, banks, insurance companies, located in different countries, with different cultures, under different jurisdiction and laws represent such an invaluable asset and expertise which we make available and share with our clients in our mission to fulfil their requirements.

Our in-depth knowledge of the so-called combination Buyer-Seller helps us in two ways:

  • To keep and enhance the link with all our producers and providers who increase the sales of their products and benefit of a trusted professional source of business
  • To offer our clients exclusive items and services of high value in terms of quality, price, professionalism and assistance.






Our Board

The people managing the company and the pool of very skilled associates, business partners, and professionals linked to Dillan Bros come from different backgrounds, parts of the world, academics and institutions, all bringing in our company consolidate experience, intimate knowledge, multiple languages and passion and dedication for business.

Chairmand & CEO image

Mario Di Maio

Chairman & CEO

Managing Director image

Andrea Di Maio

Managing Director

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