Bitumen Grade 60/70

Origin: Iran

Technical Specifications:

A 60/70 B 85/100 Test Method
Penetration @ 25r DEG.C 60/70 85/100 D.5
Softening Point DEG.C 49/56 45/52 D.36
Ductility @ 25 DEG.C 100 MIN 100 MIN D.113
Loss on Heating % WT 0.2 MAX 0.5 MAX D.6
Flash Point DEG.C 250 MIN 225 D.92
Solubility in CS2 % WT 99.05 MIN 99.5 MIN D.4
Drop in Penetration after Heating 20 MAX 20 MAX D.5
Density @ 25 DEG.C 1.01/1.06 1.001/1.05 D.70 D.3289



Iran is the first bitumen exporter in the Middle East and the fourth in the world. Iran's Bitumen has attracted insiders attention due to its top quality and reasonable price. We are proud to say that, through our exclusive network of reliable sources, we have been able to create a well-established relationship with a local supplier which give us great products at fair prices.