Frozen Seafood

Whole-cocked and gutted IQF

The meat is white and moist with a scarlet membrane. The catch is hand washed, cooked in hot water at 95 degrees, tied and frozen IQF up to achieving temperature of -18ÂșC in the center.

Packed in a cartoncontaining 6 to 10 units with a total weight of 9 to 11 Kg.

King Crab Legs  King Crab Legs

Origin Greece

Whole shell in wacuum pasteurized 1Kg and 4Kg bags.

Packaging: 12 X 1Kg box or 4 X 4Kg box.

Expiration date: 18 months


This premium supplier offers the best selection of fresh processed seafood. Their products are top quality and they strictly respect the international health standards of the EU, China, USA and other countries as well.