UREA 46% Prilled

Origin: Russian Federation

Chemical Specifications:
Agricultural fertilizer
Formula: H2N-CO-NH2
Nitrogen: 46% by weight minimum
Moisture: 0.5% max Fisper/0.3% Max Dryer
Free Ammonia: 160 PXT P PM maximum
Biuret: L0 % maximum
Granulation: 2-4mm 90%: lesser than 2mm 1%: greater' than 3mm 4%
Colour: White Standard Wliit e or Pure
Odour : Odourless
Melting Point: 132 degrees Celsius
Boiling: Decomposes before boiling
Ash: 0.3% Max
Physical: Solid @ 20 °C. 101 KP A white granules 100% free from harmful
Substances: Impurities and Dust
Specific Gravity: Solid @ 20 °C . - 1.335 T/M3
Floatability in Water: Sinks and Mixes Molecular
Weight: 60.065
Radiation: Certified non-radioactive
Free Flowing: 100% treated against caking



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